Thursday, August 22, 2013

Iceland - Seljalandsfoss

August 10, 2013

Distance:  1.3
Time: 54 minutes
Year to date miles: 210.5

Driving directions: Route 1, west of Vik. You can see the waterfall from the ring road.

Map: driving map of Iceland. No hiking map needed.

Parking:  Large parking area, right off of Route 1

More info: Seljalandsfoss
Restrooms: I think they had paid ones, no place to go outside, this is too short, and too many people.

Hiking Directions: This is a walk, not a hike. No directions needed. A very short walk to see 3 waterfalls.

The first of the 3, the main attraction, you can actually walk behind, which is a fun attraction. You will get wet!
A smaller waterfall just to the left.
Another smaller waterfall, with a cave to the left of it which you can hike up to (this is a very muddy/slippery route up, with a small stream crossing to get the cave).
Lodging: Hunkubakkar Guesthouse, Kirkjubæjarklaustri
It is a bed and breakfast type place on a farm. We are staying in a cabin which has 2 rooms which share a bathroom.Our room has a refrigerator, sink, portable stove, and some cooking tools, so we can cook in our room! The main building also has a restaurant. The restaurant is very expensive, but it listed most of its dishes as vegetarian, so we had to try it. Well....they listed a fish dish as vegetarian. I don't think they understood the concept of vegan, and none of the dishes were vegan. Glen ended up having a salad (at least it was the nicest looking vegetables we've seen
in Iceland so far), but had to pick out the feta cheese in it. We both tried Viking beer - which Glen liked much more than me. My dinner turned out good - not vegan, which was fine for me. But yes, expensive. We decided to cook our dinners in our room the following nights.

A Google maps car outside the Laugarvatn Hostel.

Driving by hot springs

That is me in the blue jacket to the right :)
I think the falls are around 200 feet tall

Behind the falls

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