Saturday, August 31, 2013

Green Pond / Boston Mine Longer Loop from Elk Pen

August 31, 2013

Miles: 4.1
Time:  1 hour 51 minutes

Year to date miles: 270.1

Parking: Arden Valley Road, just off Route 17 in Harriman, NY. Note that at this time, you can't reach Arden Valley Road from Seven Lakes Drive.
GPS for parking:  N41 15.884 W74 09.258

Map: Harriman-Bear Mountain Trails Map   (one of the trails has been re-routed due to the bridge over the Stahahe bridge being wiped out). The 2012 Harriman map doesn't show the new trail, but there is now a 2013 Harriman map.

Hike directions: Green Pond/Boston Mine Longer Loop from Elk Pen
Rather than crossing the Stahahe bridge (now washed out), turn left right before the bridge, and keep the stream on your right. Eventually turn onto the Nurian trail & the rest of the hike directions are the same.

Turning onto the Nurian trail

The trees at Green Pond are already starting to show some color

Moxie and Trek

The Elk Pen (near the parking lot)

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