Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ward Pound Ridge, Fox Hill Loop

June 20, 2013

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 1 hour 31 minutes
Year to date miles: 150.2

Map: Ward Pound Ridge Pick up a map when you pay for parking.

Parking: Enter park, pay for parking and keep driving straight until you see a sign for Meadow Picnic area on your left. Turn into the very large parking area (it was unpaved and very rocky when we were there - normally it is paved). There is tons of parking. Cost is $10 without a Westchester County Parks Pass. $5 with a Parks Pass. There was no parking attendant when we arrived in the evening, so it was free. Several of the trailheads have places to store maps, but they have always been empty.

Post hike dinner: none
Restrooms: Not in the parking area, but we passed a couple during the hike.

More information on the park: Ward Pound Ridge Reservation
From the parking area, find a mowed trail that heads back towards the main road. The trail is blazed with "FH" blazes. Cross Reservation Road. Follow the mowed trail which then enters the woods. Pass by Magic Stairs - we weren't sure what was so magic about them?  Shortly after that, Fox Hill is to the right of the trail. We left the trail and walked the few feet to the top of Fox Hill where there is a cairn which I assume is marking the summit. Continuing back on the trail, cross a pretty stream with waterfalls. Turn left on the orange trail/Fox Hill Trail and pass by the Nature Museum. Turn right on Reservation Road, and very briefly walk along the road. The Fox Hill Tail leaves the road on the left side at the Berfield Picnic area. The Fox Hill trail continues, paralleling Cross River. It turns left, leaving the river, and returning to the Meadow Picnic area/parking.

Notes: This is a very popular park. This hike was easy. This trails are very clearly blazed and wide. The map also has numbers at intersections which correspond to numbers posted on trees. On some trails, you will come across a lot of people.

View of parking area (end of hike)

We stopped to check out this tree before crossing the road.

Ward Pound Ridge has some sculptures/art works.  We stopped by this one before crossing the  road.

Mini cairn at the top of Fox Hill (off the trail).

Wigwam made out of tree bark and sticks.

Cross River

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