Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yorktown Trailway

May 1, 2013
Distance: approximately 3 miles
Time: 1 1/2 hours
Year to date miles: 72.2

Map: Yorktown Walkbook
Parking: Plaground on Deer Street, Yorktown area
Restrooms: none
Post hike dinner: n/a

Notes: To be honest, I hated this hike....never again. Rather than being relaxing, I felt stressed walking next to the parkway.

It started out with us not finding the trail. We drove by where we though we were supposed to get on the trail. It was a dead end road with very expensive houses, and no signs of a trail. We ended up parking down the road. We saw a blaze, figured they must have re-routed the trail, and took it. Realized we were headed in the opposite direction. Returned to the car and walked down the dead end road. Ended up walking through someone's yard (hopefully an easement) right towards the Taconic & found the trail. We turned left and hiked up to the pedestrian bridge which crosses the Taconic & turned around. Blah. Hated it. Hike stays 100-300 feet away from the Taconic.

Parking area on Deer Street

Blazes to head towards Sylvan Glen.

We entered Sylvan Glen from Deer Street. Nice hiking area, but not our intent. Turned around, and went to the end of Deer Track Court - where we walked through someone's yard (sorry!) to get on the Taconic Trailway.

Why did I think hiking 100-300 feet away from the Taconic might not be that bad?

Trek hated the bridge.

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