Sunday, April 14, 2013

Peaked Mountain, Monson, MA

April 14, 2013

Distance: 2.8 miles
Time: 1 hour 32 minutes

Map: Best Hikes with Dogs Boston and Beyond However, I found a much better colored/numbered map at the trailhead, also available online Peaked Mountain Trail Map.

Parking: See book. Butler Road, Monson, MA. Plenty of room for cars. If you approach from Lower Hamden Road, this is the second of two parking areas. It is around 1.2 miles from Lower Hamden Road.

Restrooms: None
Post Hike Dinner: n/a

Directions: I got the idea of this hike from the book. But, there are a number of trails, so you can make up your own hike depending on what distance you want.

From the trailhead, I followed the red trail to marker 7. I turned right on the red trail, and continued to the Valley View. Continued along the red trail to the Peaked Mountain summit. At intersection 8, I left the red trail and continued on the orange trail until marker 6. Turned right on the red trail, then left onto the yellow trail at marker 5. At marker 1, turn left on the red trail to parking lot.

Notes: Information about the park Peaked Mountain

This hike has really nice views for not a lot of effort. I would rate it easy/moderate. There are two spots with views. One of the really great things about this hike is that they allow dogs off leash if they are under verbal control. We didn't see any other dogs on this hike. We did see a few people - I leashed my dog whenever we were approaching people. I really do appreciate parks like this! This park also has no hunting. It doesn't have a street crossing, but the orange trail comes close to the road very briefly (marker 12). There is a trail register at the summit - mostly filled out by teenagers looking to have a good time ;)

Sign for the parking area

Kiosk at the trailhead. Maps were available here.

The trail was very well signed. There are numbers on the trail corresponding to numbers on your map.
It would be hard to get lost. Several of the intersections even had maps (complete with you are here markers).
I still recommend bringing a paper map!

Side trail, not really a good view yet.

Valley view before the summit. There was a nicer area, but a couple of other people were there, so we went to a lower area

Trek at Peaked Mountain summit

It was chilly, but Trek and I took a break and hung out at the summit for a while to enjoy the views.

A lot of the trails during this hike were dirt trails - a lot more comfortable to walk on than the rocky trails in our area.


We passed this tiny pond twice. Trek was happy - better ponds to come during the next hike though.
Returning to the parking area.

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