Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lunden Pond Loop, Monson, MA

April 14, 2013

Distance: 1.9 miles
Time: 54 minutes

Map: Best Hikes with Dogs Boston and Beyond However, I found a much better colored/numbered map at the trailhead, also available online Peaked Mountain Trail Map.

Parking: See book. Butler Road, Monson, MA. Plenty of room for cars. If you approach from Lower Hamden Road, this is the first of two parking areas. It is around .5 miles from Lower Hamden Road. This is just down the street from the parking area for the Peaked Mountain hike. Note that this parking area also has a sign saying Peaked Mountain.

Restrooms: None
Post Hike Dinner: n/a

Directions: I got the idea of this hike from the book. But, there are a number of trails, so you can make up your own hike depending on what distance you want.

From the parking area, I started on the blue blazed Forest Loop Trail. At intersection 18, I kept left on the lime green blazed Lunden Pond Loop trail, which goes around the pond. At intersection 27, I turned left away from the pond onto the purple blazed Lady Slipper Lane trail. At intersection 25, I turned left (not taking the pipeline trail) onto the purple blazed Temple Brook Trail. At this point, I got a little confused. I came across an intersection where the purple trail went left & right. I followed it to the left, but the stream and road were on my right, and I expected them to be on my left at that point. I backtracked, took the purple trail to the right, and finally ended up at intersection 23 then 22. I turned left onto the blue blazed Forest Loop trail and returned to the parking area.

Even though I got confused, there really is no danger of getting lost. There are numbers at most trail intersections, and they correspond to the printed map available at the kiosk.

Notes: Information about the park Peaked Mountain

This hike is just down the street from the Peaked Mountain hike (same park, different parking area). It has a different feel than the Peaked Mountain hike. It is mostly level, with lots of evergreens, and needle covered trails (very soft to walk on). Dogs under verbal control are allowed off leash (see signs for more information). No hunting is allowed at this park. And of course it has a beautiful pond, where dogs can swim. I did this hike second, and only saw 1 jogger there.
Sign for parking area. Smaller lot than main Peaked Mountain parking area.
Sign says Miller Forest Tract.

Kiosk at trailhead

Nesting area to the right

And he ran off the trail as soon as he saw the pond.
We sat in the sun and enjoyed the view.


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