Sunday, November 25, 2012

Millers Pond State Park, CT

November 25, 2012

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 2 hours 38 minutes
Map: Millers Pond Trail Map (There is a map at the trailhead, but it is out of date. The online map shows more trails than the map at the kiosk at the parking lot).
Parking: Large lot on Foot Hills Road, Haddam, CT, room for around 50 cars
Restrooms: Map showed they exist, but there were none
Post hike dinner: none

At back of lot, pass kiosk, and turn left onto red blazed trail.
Turn left on yellow blazed trail (this road parallels the road)
Turn left on the red blazed trail at the end of the yellow blazed trail.
At intersection with red/white trail, keep left on red blazed trail.
Turn right on blue trail, heading towards the pond.
When you reach the pond, turn right on the blue & white blazed trail.
Walk along the trail as it parallels the lake.
When the blue & white trails split, stay on the white trail next to the lake.
Parking lot will be on the right.

There are shorter & longer hike variations available.

This trail had a lot of "pointless left & rights." The trail was a constant zigzag. I'm guessing it was designed more as a mountain bike trail than a hiking trail. There were quite a few cars in the parking lot, but not many people on the trails. We saw a couple of mountain bikers. Most of the people walking, were walking along the trails by the lake. I didn't find this hike very interesting. The lake at the end would be a good place to take dogs swimming though, and is close to the parking area.

Year to date miles: 376

Sign for the parking area
Overlap in training - teaching Trek to turn around on the dogwalk
And here is Trek offering two on two off. More dogwalk training.
Sometimes the blazing was unusual. This means turn left to stay on the red blazed trail, or turn right to go on the red/white blazed trail.
Approaching the lake
Moxie's head peaking out from the edge of the pond.
Please take this stick & throw it in the pond.
Trek went for a quick swim.

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