Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bear Mountain, NY

November 22, 2012

Distance: 4.4 miles
Time: 3 hours 10 minutes
Map: Harriman - Bear Mountain Trails (north map)
Parking: Next to Bear Mountain Inn, enormous lot
Restrooms: across from Merry-go-round before hike, and also at summit
Post hike dinner: Jaipore, Brewster, NY
Directions: Bear Mountain

This is a loop trail, ascending to the summit on the very steep Major Welch trail, and descending via the more gradual AT. I highly recommend doing this way versus ascending via the AT and descending via the Major Welch trail. The AT portion has stone steps, making the hiking much easier. The steep Major Welch trail, although very tiring, is easier on the knees to climb up rather than down. The climb up has 1 road crossing near the summit. We came across a few groups also hiking up. Once you get to the summit, there are lots of people, because there is a road to the summit. The views on top are nice, but there were so many people up there, we didn't stay long. On the way down, we were hiking practically in a line of people down the AT. There were 3 road crossings (of the same road which leads to the summit). I recommend doing this hike on a weekday.

Year to date miles: 371

Parking area. Looking at the Bear Mountain Inn.
Head towards the inn, and take a left.
Past the inn, is a sign showing the trails. Follow the Major Welch trail.
The trail follows a paved path next to Hessian Lake. Bear Mountain Bridge in the background.
The Major Welch Trail is steep!
View on the ascent.
View of the Hudson River
Sign near the summit (looking back at the trail).
Perkins tower at the summit.
View at the summit
Descending along the AT, the trail follows the road briefly.
View of Iona Island and the Hudson

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