Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wonder Lake, Laurel Pond Loop

October 6, 2012

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 2 hours 48 minutes
Map: Wonder Lake
Parking: See directions link. Dirt parking lot off of road.
GPS address: 380 Ludingtonville Road, Holmes, NY
Post hike dinner: Jewel of Himalaya, Yorktown Heights, NY
Directions: Wonder Lake, Laurel Pond Loop

Notes: We saw very few people on this hike, considering that it is in such a suburban area.
Most of the people we saw had dogs. We did this hike in reverse.

Year to Date Miles: 305.5

We look forward to hiking here again.
 It will make a good summertime hike when we are looking for a place to swim the dogs.
There are a variety of short trails to get some variations in this hike.
Laurel Pond. There was a prettier place (complete with lawn chairs!) to swim the dogs, but there was already a couple there with 3 dogs. We decided to continue on to Wonder Lake to swim.
The dogs approached Wonder Lake before us. They were super excited.
A flock of geese approached us.
The hike continues a long ways next to Wonder Lake. The dogs were constantly in and out of the lake.

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