Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sterling Forest Fire Tower and Iron Mines, Sterling Forest State Park

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
7/15/2017 4.6 miles 2 hours 18 minutes

Map: Sterling Forest Trails Map (available from the NYNJTC)
Parking: See directions

Today was warm and humid, and we wanted to stay local, so we chose a shorter hike in Sterling Forest. It seems like we haven't been hiking in this area for a few years. This hike was easy/moderate. I was glad it wasn't more strenuous, because the humidity was sucking the energy out of me. It looks like Sterling Lake is a water supply, so we didn't let Trek swim in it, much to his disappointment. We hiked up to the fire tower and tried climbing up it. We got partway up, but the top half of the stairs was closed off due to rotting boards. It looks like they are working on repairing them.

This is a nice hike for those interested in old mine remnants

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