Sunday, May 21, 2017

Huckleberry Point, Catskills

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
5/21/2017 4.8 miles

Map: NYNJTC Catskill Trails Map 141
Parking: Platte Clove Road
Directions: Follow Long Path. Turn right onto yellow blazed Huckleberry Point Trail and take to end. Retrace steps.

Catskill All Trails: Map 141 Huckleberry Point Trail
On Friday I went back to the doctor about my hip pain. He did various tests moving it around, and one test really hurt (felt like a tendon got caught on something). My pain was much worse after the appointment. So no hiking on Saturday - I took Aleve and iced instead. Today we couldn't do a long hike, but I did want to go somewhere other than Harriman. I found a shorter hike in the Catskills which we have never done. This hike is very popular. You'll see many people on it. The trailhead parking lot was full, and we ended up parking on the road (almost across the street from the snowplow turnaround). It is rated as an easy hike (though if you compare it to a Harriman rating, I'd call it moderate). The hike starts out on a snowmobile trail, which is pretty muddy. Once you get on the Huckleberry Point trail, it is a narrower trail. There is a stream crossing which we let Trek cool off in on our way back. I've heard it can be a difficult crossing after heavy rain, but it was fine for us. The view at the Point is spectacular. There are various places to sit and enjoy the view. I practiced my compass skills and located Overlook Mountain (we saw the fire tower), Plattekille Mountain, and Indian Head Mountain. Today's hike was buggy! The black flies were landing on Trek, and he tried bite them. On the way back, we went to explore an unmarked side trail on the right hand side, which led to a campsite. It's kind of a pretty area with twisted pines, and I believe blueberry bushes.

Note that none of the parking lot signs mention Huckleberry Point

Hiking up the snowmobile trail.

Overlook Mountain in the back, and Plattekill Mountain in the front.



The stream crossing (there are some rocks to help cross, but they were mostly submerged).

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