Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fingerboard Shelter loop, Harriman State Park

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
4/9/2017 8 miles ?

Map: NYNJTC Harriman North
Parking: Seven Lakes Drive, Tiorati Circle
Directions: Follow the blue blazed Lake Tiorati trail. Turn left onto the Ramapo Dunderberg trail. Turn left onto the Hurst Trail to the Fingerboard shelter. Return back to the Ramapo Dunderberg trail. Turn left onto the Ramapo Dunderberg trail. Turn right onto Arden Surebridge trail at Times Square. Turn right onto the AT. Pass the Lemon Squeezer. Pass Greenwood Mine. Merge back onto the Ramapo Dunderberg Trail/AT. Pass the Fingerboard shelter turn off. Turn right onto the Lake Tiorati trail and take back to the parking area.

It was still too cold for our first backpacking trip with Moxie, so we did another scouting trip for routes for her. We decided to see if we could find a Moxie friendly route to the Fingerboard shelter. We decided that yes, she could do the short 1.3 mile hike there without too much difficulty. We only saw a couple of people camping there, but then again it was a Sunday night, so it would be less busy than a Friday or Saturday night. We read that there were an abundant number of campsites there. Once we did a quick checkout of the shelter area, we continued on to extend our hike. We left Trek at home again to continue his recovery from his foot injury. Again we missed some turns because we didn't have him to point out intersections to us. It wasn't a big deal, as we just changed our route. We actually helped out two groups who didn't know where they were (one of the groups didn't have a map).

Iron mine

Lemon Squeezer

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