Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bald Rocks Shelter with bushwhack, Harriman

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
4/2/2017 ? miles ?

Parking: Kanawauke Road at White Bar Trail
Directions: Cross street from parking area. Take white blazed White Bar trail. Turn right onto the white blazed Nurian Trail. Turn left onto the Ramapo Dunderberg Trail. Take to Bald Rocks Shelter on the right. Continue on the Ramapo Dunderberg trail. Turn left on the Lichen trail. Turn left on the Arden Surebridge trail. Turn left on Island Pond Road. Turn left on Arden Surebridge trail. This is where we encountered bad flooding. We bushwhacked around it. Get back onto the Island Pond trail and follow it back to the White Bar trail. Take the White Bar trail back to the parking area.

We have been interested in doing a mini backpacking trip in Harriman with both dogs. So we've been looking into possible routes that would be okay for Moxie. I like the area of the Bald Rocks shelter, so we chose a route to get there. We decided this route was too challenging for her. It's our second research trip :) We had a nice snow-free hike. Some things did not go as planned. We met a hiker who warned us that the trail ahead was flooded with knee deep water. We were not concerned. We figured we could easily go around it. Or that maybe he took a different route than us. Then we came across the flooded trail. A bunch of people were stopped trying to decide what to do. And no, you couldn't just walk around it. There was swamp on both sides. And yes, it was knee deep. People were rolling up their pants, taking off their shoes. It was around 500 feet of knee deep water. I was up for going through it, but Glen wasn't. Glen wanted to find a way around. If we wanted to backtrack and take a trailed route around the flooding, we'd need to add an extra 3 miles on to our trip. So, Glen decided to bushwhack. That was challenging as there was swamp to bushwhack around and then a wide fast moving stream. Eventually we made it away from the swamp and used our compass to help navigate back to the trail.

Looking for a way around the flooding

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