Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ward Pound Ridge - Deer Hollow Trail, NY

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
2/26/2017 3.5 miles

Map: Available where you pay for parking.
Parking: $10
Directions: Deer Hollow loop

Glen was off if Oregon this weekend. I wish I could have gone with him, but it wasn't a good time to take off work. In addition to visiting a CPS camp that his grandfather ran during the war, he got to go on the Pacific Crest Trail. So jealous! He texted me photos during his trip so I could live vicariously through him.

Trek and I headed out to Ward Pound Ridge, and chose a slightly longer trail than we did last weekend. Despite my PT's complaints, I'm trying to gradually increase mileage. I hate just "resting". We did the Deer Hollow Trail. I don't think we've done this trail very often, which is odd. We've hiked so much at Ward Pound Ridge, but big portions of this trail seemed unfamiliar. Even though Ward Pound Ridge is not the ideal place to take dogs on a weekend (it gets crowded), we did okay. There were very few hikers on this route. I still kept Trek on leash, as I usually do at this park. Finally the mashed potato slush was gone! Trails were mostly clear, making for a nice hike. I'm focusing on taking smaller steps when hiking uphill, as this reduces the amount of flexion in my hip joint. It slows me down, but I'm hoping this will reduce post hike inflammation.

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