Sunday, February 5, 2017

Old Croton Aqueduct - Croton Gorge Park to Quaker Bridge Road

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
2/5/2017 6.1 miles 2 hours 8 minutes 17:30/mile 7.6

Map: Old Croton Aqueduct State Historic Park Map & Guide (
Parking: Croton Gorge Park
Directions: From the parking area, get onto the access trail behind the restrooms. The trail zigzags until it reaches a sign for the Croton Aqueduct Trail. We turned left here, and walked over to the bridge which crosses the dam. We walked back and continued along the Aqueduct Trail, passing 3 ventilators. We continued on to the next crossing of Quaker Bridge Road (no parking available there), and then retraced our steps back to Croton Gorge Park.

This trail is the distance of a marathon, but we've only done a small portion of it near Rockefeller State Park. My physical therapist is encouraging me to hike on flat trails, and there is nothing flatter than this! I figure since its so flat, I can go on longer walks. I'm itching to go out to the Catskills and western Massachusetts though! This trail is super easy - more of a walk than a hike. We of course are the only ones with backpacks on! This hike is very popular with dog walkers. Almost everyone we saw had one or more dogs. Many dogs were off leash. We knew this walk would be this way, so we brought Moxie instead of Trek. Moxie just ignores the dogs that run up to her, even when they have their hackles up. Let's just say this is a place to take your dog that has excellent social skills. Glen has decided he wants to complete the whole Aqueduct trail, so we'll work on that this winter while I'm supposed to be limited to flat hikes.

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  1. If you are interested in knocking off about a 6 mile section as a shuttle with me and Shawnee, let me know! The Aqueduct Trail is about her speed nowadays :(

    dvw0613 at yahoo dot com