Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Las Trampas Regional Wilderness, CA

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
12/27/2016 5 1 hour 39 minutes

Map: 60 Hikes within 60 Miles San Francisco
Parking: See book.
Directions: Hike # 25 in book

This was a great grasslands hike with views. We encountered cattle with their young completely blocking the trail. We were on the side of a hill. The trail was too steep below the cattle to go that way, so we bushwhacked above them in some manzanitas. We tried to descend down once the manzanitas ended, but found that there was still one cow in front of us on the trail. And then cows behind us on the trail. The cow on the trail we wanted to descend to in front of us was aggravated by us. It raised its head and made an angry noise at us. It turns out its baby was on the trail below and behind us. Ugh. And then we saw a cow eating (relaxed) on our other side. We considered stopping and taking a break in our manzanita grove on the ridgeline, to wait for the cows to move, because we were basically surrounded, with one unhappy cow in front of us. We decided to head at an angle away from the angry cow, but still heading forward. I saw a tree we could go to in case it charged (do they do that?), but as we walked by the tree, I noticed around 6 cattle underneath it. Ha! We made it around the angry cow (now joined by its calf), who continued to stare at us as we skirted around it.

The ridge trail was superb.
I took a Naproxen at the end of the day, in order to recover for the next day’s hike. My outer hip was sore, but not too bad.

Guessing this is Mount Diablo in the distance

Cattle on a trail we aren't taking

Walking around the cattle

Hiking above the cattle blocking the trail

Glen and the angry cow. More cattle to our left and right.

A bunch of trails are deeply grooved with cattle tracks. Sometimes soft mud, sometime hard mud.

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