Sunday, June 21, 2015

MA Appalachian Trail - Section 4 - Blotz Road to Pittsfield Road

June 21, 2015

Distance: 6.1 miles
Time: 2 hours 52 minutes
Elevation Gain: 705 feet

Year to date miles: 423.9

Our GPS found this spot as the intersection of Washington Mountain Road and W Branch Rd. Our map calls the road Pittsfield Road. Parking is on a pull out on the shoulder of the road, next to AT sign. Room for around 7 cars. 

There is also parking available at the other end, Blotz Road, but only enough room for 3-4 cars.

Map: Appalachian Trail Guide to Massachusetts Connecticut  

Restrooms: None

Start at Pittsfield Road parking area.
Trail starts on the same side of the street as the parking area.
Hike to Blotz Road (first road crossing).
Retrace steps.

Hike description:

Wet! We hiked the day after a heavy rain. Plus, there are a lot of boards already to walk on, so this area is already swampy. We were hiking in a few inches of water at times. There was no way to get out of getting muddy. I splashed through the mud. There was also a stream crossing that was around 15' wide. There was no way to rock hop across it (Glen searched). On the way out, Glen actually slid down a steep embankment down to the stream and crossed a narrower section where logs had fallen across. However, on the way back he tried this again, but couldn't climb up the steep embankment. He ended up having to cross the stream twice (wading).

Parking area

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