Friday, May 22, 2015

MA Appalachian Trail - Section 10 - Guilder Pond Picnic Area to MtEverett

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
5/23/2015 2.5 miles 1 hour 42 minutes 844' 187

Trail Map
Another Trail Map
Parking: Take Route 344 (very narrow!) to end. Turn right on West Street. Turn left on Cross Road. Turn Left onto East Street. Turn right onto dirt road at sign for Mount Everett Reservation. Go through gate (closes at 8pm). Pass a small picnic area for Guilder Pond. There is room for 3-4 cars to park here. Continue to a larger parking area where there is a sign for the AT. Park here. There is room for a lot more cars here. There was a second gate here (shut), for a gravel road leading to Mt. Everett. These are the normal directions. Route 344 was closed for road repair so we had to come up with an alternate route.

Head south on AT.
Cross dirt road.
Hike up to summit of Mt. Everett.
Return to parking area.
Follow sign to AT north and Guilder Pond loop.
Stay on the Guilder Pond loop trail when the AT splits off.
Take a short unmarked trail off to the left to a large rock outcrop next to the pond.
This is a great spot for dog swimming.
Return back to the trail and turn left. Continue on the trail counter clockwise around the pond.
Turn left on the dirt road which returns you to the parking area.

We were headed to Stockbridge today, and had time for a short hike. This is short section of the Massachusetts AT that we hadn't done yet (we've done the section just north of here and just south of here), so we decided we'd tackle it today.
We had wanted to hike around Guilder Pond before since it is so scenic, but the last time we were here the trail was closed due to hurricane damage.
I absolutely loved this hike! It has a mountain, great views and a pond for swimming. It doesn't get much better than this. We love hiking in the Taconic range.

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