Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Coast to Coast Day 9 – Keld to Reeth

June 3, 2015

Miles: 12.3
Time: 8:53 - 3:18
Elevation gain: 2,421'

Year to date miles: 308.9

Hike description:

What a glorious day. Not one drop of rain. Coast to Coasters were happy today!

My appetite seems to have returned to normal. I'm now finding it difficult to finish the large breakfasts I've been ordering. This morning Jim and Michael persuaded me to try Marmite. I have to say, it is an acquired taste. It looks like molasses but tastes salty.

We left the town of Keld and opted for the high route. Our bodies were feeling good and the weather was brisk but dry.

The high route passed by many ruins which we explored. We took a "detour" at a 4-way sign where we attempted to head towards "Surrender Bridge". We were very confused by the intersection and managed to get off track, heading to Gunnerside. We realized our mistake and backtracked, eventually re-joining the correct path. I didn't feel comfortable for a long time though - not until I saw a written sign that matched up with the guidebook. I read in our guidebook that this is actually a common place for people to lose the track.

We continued through the remains of a lead mining area - a very desolate place. We stopped to have lunch protected from the wind by the remains of a building ruin.

We arrived in Reeth and checked into our B&B. Our hosts served us tea and cake in the conservatory. We chatted with the Tasmanians, and met a couple who live in Maryland. The man from Maryland is 79 and still coming to England regularly to hike! There are a lot of people much older than us doing this hike. Of course there are younger people too, but I'm so impressed with the fitness of many of these hikers in their 60's and 70's.

We walked to the Buck Hotel and had pizza for dinner. Most of the Coast to Coasters we have been leapfrogging were also there. We all discuss the weather and our day's adventures. I think at Richmond we will be parting ways with most of them. Some are taking a rest day. Some will be doing in one day what we will be doing in two. Glen is hoping we will have people to celebrate with in Robin Hood's Bay.

We are donating our small change we collect to Mountain Rescue, in hopes that we will never need their service. 

Night: Cambridge House

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