Saturday, April 11, 2015

NY Appalachian Trail - Section 12 - Route 19 (Orange Turnpike) to West Mombasha Road

April 11, 2015

Miles: 6.2

Time:  3 hours 55 minutes  
Elevation gain: 1,807 feet

Year to date miles:  81.2

Parking: East Mombasha Road. Gravel area on side of the road. Room for around 8 cars.

Map: Appalachian Trail Conservancy New York / New Jersey Appalachian Trail Guide and Maps or Sterling Forest Trails (Trail Map 100)

Head west on the AT.
Climb up a moderately steep hill.
Then descend down a very steep hill. This involves some scrambling.
Ascend up mountain.
Descend and arrive at West Mombasha Road (Route 91).
Retrace steps back to parking area.
Cross street.
Walk next to Little Dam Lake on your right.
Ascend hill.
Descend hill
Arrive at Orange Turnpike (Route 19)

Hike description:

This is quite a rocky hike to the west side of the parking area, with a steep ascent and descent right in the beginning. We had to help our dogs with a couple of the scrambles, especially our older one.

The area to the east of the parking lot is less rocky, especially in the beginning. It passes by a pretty lake where we let our dogs have their first swim of the year. They were thrilled! We passed by a "Trail Magic" box, which along with the usual trail register also had tons of medical supplies for thru hikers. Wow! I haven't seen that before.

Thru hikers typically earn trail names. Today we came up with trail names for our dogs.

Moxie, who is old, and has a bad rear leg but isn't ready to give up hiking - we will call "Not Dead Yet".

Trek, who is going to live forever - we will call "Stayin' Alive"

One of the sections the dogs found difficult. Our older dog needed help with this.

Rocky trail

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