Saturday, March 28, 2015

Westmoreland Sanctuary, Mount Kisco

March 28, 2015

Distance: 5.5 miles
Time: 2 hours 11 minutes

Elevation gain: 1,155 feet

Map: Westmoreland Sanctuary
There are also maps at the sanctuary at the kiosk in the parking lot

Parking: 260 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Mount Kisco, NY

Room for around 25 cars

Restrooms: Probably in the nature center?


Westmoreland Sanctuary Loop Hike


This park does NOT allow dogs. I left Glen and the dogs at home.

The parking lot was practically full - there was a large group of children there for an Easter egg hunt. With the 30 degree temperature, ice on the ground and snow blowing, it was kind of a funny sight to see the kids looking for candy and eggs in their winter coats. The hike was mostly icy, with some sections where there was bare, leafy ground. I had to wear microspikes the whole way because the icy sections were bad.

The terrain reminded me a lot of Ward Pound Ridge. There were stone walls, streams, and ponds. I saw no one on the hike - probably because the trails were so icy.

I found getting to the beginning of the hike confusing. From the parking lot, I headed up towards the nature center, and went to the right side through a wooden arch I guess you would call it. But I didn't see signs for the trail. I wandered around in various directions until I saw a sign. I was even confused by which way the sign indicated to go! But, look for signs for the Easy Loop Trail which has tan arrow markers. Once I got on the trail, the rest of the trail was super easy to follow. The trails are well marked (with trail name signs at the intersections). The trails all have different colored markers as well. Some intersections even had maps with "You are Here" indicators. The hike does go on several different short trails, so I ended up holding my map in my hand the whole time, so I could check it at every intersection.

Intersections are well marked

Some even have maps

The first sign of skunk cabbage I've seen this year. That means spring!

Ice covered trails (now with snow on top)

Some sections completely ice free! Depends on which side of a hill you are on.

The end of the hike passes through a gated area behind the Nature Center.

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