Sunday, February 8, 2015

Butler Sanctuary, Mount Kisco, NY

February 8, 2015

Miles: 3.6
Time: 2 hours 8 minutes

Year to date miles: 19.1

Parking: See directions. Room for around 10 cars.

Rest rooms: None

Hike directions: Butler Memorial Sanctuary

Map: Butler Memorial Sanctuary Map

Hike description:

We had never been to this park, and it fit the bill for a close short snowshoe. This hike would be too short for us at other times of the year, but works well as a winter hike or an after work hike. We were unclear if dogs are allowed - we saw contradictory information online, so we ended up leaving our dogs at home. We saw contradictory signs when we arrived as well, however the dogs are allowed, but please be a responsible dog owner sign was much more prominent than the pets not allowed sign. This hike is easy (well moderate since we were on snowshoes) - mostly easy rolling hills, nothing very steep. There is a lot of car noise (the parking area is right next to 684), but it dies down after a while. We saw a few cars in the parking lot, but didn't see anyone on the trails. The trails were mostly well packed down snow. The trails were clearly blazed and easy to follow.

Sign at the trailhead - indicating dogs are allowed

And a sign at a kiosk, just a short ways in from the prior sign - indicating no pets

Numbers which tie into an audio tour, and are also indicated on the trail map

Very easy navigation

On sunset ledge - no sunset today

Hawk viewing platform - this is supposed to be a great area to view the fall hawk migration

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