Saturday, December 20, 2014

Boynton Canyon Trail and Boynton Vista - Sedona, Arizona

December 20, 2014

Miles: 7.1
Time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Elevation gain: 2,823 feet (650 feet non-cumulative)
Max elevation: 5,200 feet

Year to date miles: 516.7

Map: Sedona Outdoor Recreation Map

Parking: Boynton Canyon Road. Room for around 30 cars.
Red Rocks parking pass required.

Restrooms: In parking lot
Post Hike Dinner: Whole Foods

Hike Directions:
Trail starts in parking lot.
At 0.2 miles, stay left on Boynton Canyon Trail.
At 0.4 miles, stay left (vista is on right).
Pass resort on left.
Trail enters woods.
End at the end of the canyon.
Turn around and retrace steps.
At sign for vista, turn left onto trail for Vista.
Notice heart shaped rocks along trail.
After reaching vista, turn around & retrace steps.
Turn left on Boynton Canyon Trail.
Follow trail back to parking lot.

We found the canyon hike less exciting than other trails. I think others did as well. The resort to the side was noisy (generators?) and destroyed the view. There was also a sign warning hikers not to trespass & that they had armed guards patrolling 24 hours/day. Nice. You won't find me staying there, ever. The canyon becomes very cool - probably nice in summer, but in the winter, this is what we came to Arizona to escape from! The end of the canyon is a pretty spot, but otherwise, not an exciting trail. There are ruins, but we didn't know where to look for them. The vista is a nice spot, though a vortex site so plenty of people. We liked the heart shape rocks left along the trail. We spoke to a ranger who was dismantling cairns that people had built. I love cairns :)

Parking area

Someone meditating - I believe this is next to the vortex on the vista trail.

Boynton Canyon

The very well groomed trail near the resort

End of the short vista trail

I believe this is a vortex

Standing on the rock that we saw someone meditating on earlier

One of the heart shaped rocks we spotted along the trail

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