Sunday, August 24, 2014

NY Appalachian Trail - Section 11 - Arden Valley Road (Elk Pen) to Fingerboard shelter

August 24, 2014

Miles: 8.6 miles
Time:  5 hours 25 minutes
Year to date miles:  335.3

Parking: Elk Pen on Arden Valley Road, Harriman. Room for around 20 cars. The parking lot was full.

Rest rooms: None.

Hike directions:
AT Northbound.
Walk through field (elk pen).
At the end of the field, turn right onto rocky trail.
Soon after, turn left.
Hike past sign for Fingerboard shelter to erratic boulder (we thought this was the summit of Fingerboard Mountain, but it wasn't quite far enough).

Map: Appalachian Trail Conservancy New York / New Jersey Appalachian Trail Guide and Maps

Hike description:
Left the dogs home today, as they are recovering from torn pads. Had to keep the hike near home, and not too long. This hike climbs 3 mountains: Green Pond Mountain, Island Pond Mountain, Surebridge Mountain, and ends just short of Fingerboard Mountain. 82 degrees today and humid. Glen brought 3 liters of water, but ran out of water and got dehydrated. Tons of hikers on the trail. Nice to visit Harriman this time of year (it is our go-to place during hunting season). Love the grasses on the mountain tops, and the blueberry bushes just starting to turn red.

Path through the Elk Pen

Turn left and start the hike up hill

Glen going through the Lemon Squeezer - think thin

Cairn marking what I believe is one of the summits

Sign for Fingerboard Shelter

Love the start of fall foliage

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