Sunday, March 9, 2014

Perrineville Lake Park, NJ

March 9, 2014

Miles: 6.6
Time: 2 hours 50 minutes  
Elevation gain: 968 feet

Parking: See Hike directions. Room for around 6 cars.

Rest rooms: At Aggress Rd parking lot.

Hike directions: See Gone Hikin's write up: Perrineville Lake Park

Map: Perrineville Trail Map

Hike description: We were looking for a NJ hike to escape from the snow. Large portions of this hike were completely snow free. This looks like a popular place for local dog walkers. I think this would be a prettier hike after everything turns green. I did enjoy walking next to the farming fields, where there was a wide mowed area, sometimes completely snow free. The dogs had a great time getting some running in. This hike passes two lakes, which look like they would be great for taking dogs swimming in during the summer.

Note: A sign noted that deer hunting is allowed from October 1 - February 15th.

Year to date miles:   68.6

Trail head

The trail markers were on posts. On occasion I wished there were a couple more posts, but  checking the map, it wasn't difficult to determine where you were.

We were disappointed with the start of the hike. All of these snow-free fields, and the trail is on the snowy portion!

Heading into the woods, there were signs of mountain bikers and horses.

Now this is what I'm talking about - a mowed, snow-free path next to the fields.
Run puppies, run!

A small pond we passed - too early for swimming

A parking lot next to the lake loop. A lot of dog walkers started here, and just did the lake loop.


  1. I bet it was nice walking on solid ground for a change! Before I went there I checked the snow depth map and the only place with the least snow was a strip between Trenton and Long Branch and this park fell right into that strip. It's been a challenging winter trying to find snow-free places to hike. Shawnee can't handle sinking into snow with her arthritis any more and I, quite honestly, can't much stand it myself :)


  2. I've never seen snow depth maps! I'll have to look for them - what a great idea.