Sunday, February 2, 2014

Black Rock Mountain, Spy Rock, Eagle Cliff - Black Rock Forest

February 2, 2014
Distance: 7.3 miles
Time:  4 hours  27 minutes

Total elevation gain: 1766 feet

Map: West Hudson Trails Map

Parking: Mine Hill Road parking lot (just after hairpin turn). Room for 5 cars.

Restrooms: none
Post hike dinner: Jaipore, Yorktown Heights, NY

Cross the street from the parking area
Mine Hill trail (yellow diamond)
Left on Sackett trail (yellow circle)
Pass Compartment trail (blue)
Left on Stillman trail (yellow rectangle)
Ascend Black Rock Mountain
Right on White Oak Road (unblazed)
Intersection at a large white oak tree
Left on Continental Road (unblazed)
Right on Scenic trail (white)
Right on Spy Rock trail (blue)
Ascend Spy Rock, then turn around
Right on Scenic trail (white)
Pass Ledge trail on right (yellow)
Pass Stropel trail on left (yellow)
Left on Eagle cliff trail (blue)
Ascend Eagle Cliff, then turn around
Left on Scenic trail (white)
Pass Chatfield trail (blue)
Left on Scenic trail (white) where Arthur trail (yellow rectangle) joins Scenic trail
Right on Scenic trail (white) where Arthur trail (yellow rectangle) leaves Scenic trail
Join Jims Pond Road
Right on Highland trail (blue) where Highlenad trail joins Scenic trail (white)
Pass Arthur trail on right (yellow rectangle)
Pass Chatfield Road on right (unblazed)
Go through gate
Pass Hall Road on left (unblazed)
Pass Split Roc trail on right (white)
Left on Compartment trail (blue)
Straight on Stillman trail (yellow) where Compartment trail goes right
Right on Sackett trail (yellow circle)
Left on Mine Hill trail (yellow diamond)
Arrive at parking area.

Notes: Slabs at ice near the beginning, but you can navigate around them. Slush snow for the rest of the hike. Nice views in spots. Met the same group of hikers a couple of times on the trail. The trails here have lots of intersections, so we had to frequently double check our map. The park has gravel roads that are occasionally used by scientists.

Year to to date miles: 37.6

Parking area

Trail head across the street from the parking area

This park has many yellow blazed trails with different shaped blazes.

View on the way up the steep climb in the beginning of the hike

Remains of a fireplace

Passing a gate

Ascending Black Rock Mountain


View from Black Rock Mountain

Summit marker, speckled with rain drops

Spy Rock, with a pine growing out of the rock

Trail to Eagle Cliff

Eagle Cliff

View from Eagle Cliff

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