Sunday, January 12, 2014

CT Appalachian Trail - Sections 3 and 4 - Breadloaf Mountain to Housatonic River

January 12, 2014

Miles: 6.4
Time:  3 hours 52 minutes

Parking: Route 7, just north of intersection with Route 4, Litchfield, CT
GPS: N 41 degrees 49.290', W 073 degrees 22.560'

Rest rooms: None

Hike directions: 
Start at kiosk in parking area.
Follow blue blazed Mohawk trail.
Ascend Bread Loaf Mountain
Turn left (southbound) at intersection with AT.
Follow white blazed AT.
Detour: Turn left onto Old Sharon Road (dirt road) - walk .25 miles
Turn right onto Route 4 (busy road) - walk .25 miles
Turn left onto AT.
Ascend Silver Hill
Descend and arrive at Housatonic River.
Turn around.
Ascend Silver Hill.
Turn right onto Route 4 (busy road) - walk .30 miles
Turn left onto Route 7
Arrive at parking area on left.

Map: Appalachian Trail Guide to Massachusetts Connecticut
This map shows the beginning of the hike including the detour: Housatonic Meadows Trail Map

Hike description: This is an out and mostly back hike. The parking lot isn't next to the AT. There is no parking where the AT crosses Route 7. 
We had two choices - hike the Mohawk trail and turn left when it intersects the AT, or do a road walk on a road with fast moving cars, to the AT. We opted for hiking along the Mohawk trail. We reached the AT, but after a short while on it, there was a detour off the AT back to the road we were originally trying to avoid. There is a fast moving wide brook which has to be forded in order to cross. It was too dangerous to cross. There was a sign recommending a detour. I would try to avoid the road walk. 

Post-hike dinner: Chipotle, Danbury, CT

Year to date miles:   12.7
Sign at the parking area. Looking towards intersection of Route 4 and Route 7

Kiosk at the Mowhawk trail's trailhead

View from Bread Loaf Mountain

Intersection of Mohawk Trail and Appalachian Trail 

Intersection of Mohawk Trail and Appalachian Trail. Turn Left on Appalachian Trail (southbound).
At an intersection with a gravel road, this sign recommends a detour. Guinea Brook was raging.
We took the left onto this gravel road, and then right onto Route 4.

View down to the brook - which looked more like a river.

Detour along Old Sharon Road. The detour has blue blazes.

Turning right onto Route 4.

Walking along Route 4, just before we reach the AT, where we take a left to continue southbound.

View of Silver Hill.

View near the summit of Silver Hill.

Short side trail to camping off of the AT.

Road crossing right before the Housatonic.

Housatonic River - the AT splits off what I assume is River Road on the right.

Another sign about the detour on the return trip.

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