Sunday, October 27, 2013

Eagle and Haynes Mountains, Catskills

October 27, 2013

Distance: 8 miles
Time: 4 hours 50 minutes
Map: Catskill Trails Map Set
Parking: See directions link
Restrooms: None. Plus the start of the trail is near a stream, so not an appropriate place.
Notes: Catskill 3500 footer #26
Post hike dinner: Luna 61, Tivoli, NY (1 1/4 hours away). Good food, but it took them 40 minutes to prepare.
Directions: Eagle and Haynes Mountains

This hike has no views. Still a nice hike. We saw 5 other hikers + 2 dogs today.
We heard a lot of gunshots near the trailhead, that were very close. 
It was rather disturbing, since deer shotgun season hasn't started yet.
I'm hoping it was just someone doing target practice in their yard near the trailhead.
There are lots of stream crossings in the beginning of the hike - the dogs loved it.

Year to date miles 340.2
Trailhead parking area


The trail starts out following red blazes.

Trek hates bridges. He's worried about his feet falling through.

Turn right and follow the blue blazes - Haynes mountain is on the way to Eagle mountain.

Eagle mountain summit - it is off of an unmarked side trail from the main trail, but it is easy to spot.

View of Haynes, as we descend Eagle.

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