Sunday, August 25, 2013

Iceland, Reykjavik - Bakkatjorn Nature Reserve

August 17, 2013

Distance 1.9 miles
Time: 56 minutes

Year to date miles 250.8

Driving directions: western edge of Reykjavik

Hike description: There is an Oceanside path (many miles) around Reyjavik. There are lots of people who jog/walk/bicycle along it. We had  some time before heading back to Keflavik, so we decided to choose a spot along this path to tae a walk. We ended up at this nature preserve. From the parking area, we at first turned left, but ended up walking next to a golf course. We turned around, and headed right to walk at the nature preserve.

Building we saw along the way

Danger sign. Umm....we weren't planning on hiking next to a golf course.

Walking next to the beach

There is a paved path above with lots of people going for wals, but we chose the beach.

Working on my tan

Another food experiment. Chocolate covered banana stuff....not exciting.


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