Sunday, August 25, 2013

Iceland - Reykjadalur

August 16, 2013

Distance: 5.5 miles
Time: 4 hours 40 minutes (an hour in the hot spring!)

Year to date miles: 244.5

Restrooms: I believe there are some at the building in the parking area. The hike itself is very popular, so less easy to go outside.

Driving directions: We knew the hike started in Hverager├░i but we didn't know exactly how to get to the trail (there are many hiking trails in the town). We stopped by the town tourist center, and found a tourist brochure for the town. It had a map. At the traffic circle on Route 1, take the main road through the town, passing the town. It splits left and right at a golf course. Stay left (the golf  course is to the right). The gravel road now  splits left and right again. Stay left (to the right is stables) again and drive to the parking area at the end of the  road. There should be a sign for Reykjadalur.

Map: Hiking in Hengill 

Equipment: Bring a bathing suit, water shoes/crocs, and a large towel to change behind/dry off with

Hike directions: This hike is also described in Cicerone's Walking and Trekking in Iceland. We did the shorter of the two options, because we spent so much time at the hot springs. From the parking lot, follow the trail which immediately crosses the bridge. The trail is obvious and well marked. You will pass several boiling mud pots. You will know when you get to the hot springs, because it is a popular place to go, and you'll see people bathing. We loved this hike!

There are many hiking trails in this area, and I believe they are well marked. I would have liked to have done more hiking here.

Sign at the parking area

Crossing over the river

Steam from a boiling mud pot

Parking area

Boiling mud!

The views on this hike were incredible

Glen going off the trail in order to avoid hiking next to a steep drop off next to the trail

Heading towards the hot springs/more mud pots

Glen tried avoiding mud.....oops.

Hiking through sulfur smelling steam


We've arrived.

Glen trying to demudify his clothes

Soaking in the hot spring. And no, I didn't really need the hat.
If you like it hot, go further upstream, cooler go downstream.
I was toasty!


Sheep on the hill

To go back, we ended up crossing a small bridge to the other side of the stream and mostly hiked back that way.
It is not the official trail - more of a herd path.

This looks like a source of boiling water in the stream

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