Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Iceland - Geysir

August 7, 2013

Distance: 0.5 miles?
Time: ?
Year to date miles: 203.1

Driving directions: Route 36, east of Laugarvatn

Map: None needed - it is a very small area. Just follow the crowd.

Parking: N64 18.587 W20 18.061
Right across the street

More info: Geysir

Restrooms: Yes - enter the food court area and just keep following the signs for them. If I remember, there was shopping there too - a store with a stuffed polar bear?

Parking: Across the street from the Geysir area.

Directions: This isn't a hike - no directions needed

This is a small, short trip, but a lot of fun. The Stokkur geyser spews every 8-10 minutes. Everyone holds up their cameras and just stares waiting for the geyser to blow, so they can take their photo/video. Sometimes it spews water on people :)  There are also hot springs & boiling mud pots. Lots of tourists & everything is roped off. This is part of the Golden Circle - very easy to find a bus that will take you there (though we opted to travel independently). No hiking here. There is a strong smell of sulfur here!
Lodging after: Laugarvatn Hostel

In the evening we stayed at the Laugarvatn Hostel, which is a very nice hostel. We were in a private room, with our own bathroom. We provided our own bedding, but bedding could be rented. Having a private bathroom in Iceland is NOT a given. Private rooms in hostels are still moderately expensive, but cheaper than guesthouses and hotels. There was a kitchen down the hall from our room which was a major plus! The kitchen comes equipped with everything you need, you just need to provide your food and clean up after yourself. There is also a refrigerator in the kitchen. The receptionist there was very friendly. I also enjoyed mealtime, as we got to talk to other visitors from rural Alaska, Switzerland, and Belgium. That is one of the benefits of common kitchens - more interactions with other people compared to guesthouses (unless the guesthouse had a kitchen) or a hotel. The  hostel was quiet, and I would definitely stay there again.
Names of the geysirs/mud pots.

Everyone huddles around Strokkur, waiting for it to spew. We have video somewhere....


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