Saturday, August 24, 2013

Iceland - Fjallsárlón - glacial lake

August 12, 2013

Distance:  about 0.5 miles
Time: 29 minutes
Year to date miles: 228.2

Driving directions: Route 1, close to Jokusarlon

Map: None. We saw this as we were driving by, and just stopped. Not sure if there are trails.

Parking:  Large parking area off of route 1. It looks like they might have boat tours here earlier in the summer, but there was no sign of them now.

More info:Fjallsárlón

Restrooms: I don't remember seeing any

Hike directions: We just walked to the lake and turned right to walk along the shore. I don't know if there were any trails if you went left along the shore.

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