Saturday, May 18, 2013

MA Appalachian Trail - Section 5 - Becket Road to Finerty Pond

May 18, 2013
Distance: 4.7 miles
Time: 3 hours 10 minutes (this includes lots of time at the pond!)
Year to date miles: 114.4

Map: October Mountain State Forest or book

Parking: If you start on Becket Rd, there is room for 2 cars right on the shoulder. If you start on Route 20, there is a large hiker parking lot. Our GPS did better at finding the intersection of Tyne Road & Route 20, Becket, MA. It brought us to the same intersection we were expecting (Becket Road & Route 20).

Restrooms: None
Post hike dinner:  Berkshire Coop

Directions: AMCs Best Day Hikes in the Berkshires (we shortened the hike by 1.4 miles by starting on Becket Rd.

From the parking area on Becket Rd cross the street and continue along the white blazed AT. Becket Mountain has a sign & a trail register. There is no view. Continue on to Walling Mountain (we didn't notice where it was - no view, and minimal elevation gain). Descend from Walling Mountain to Finerty Pond. The trail doesn't go immediately next to the pond, but you can easily walk over to the pond. Continue along the AT until it starts to leave the pond. Retrace your steps.

Notes: Not really a difficult hike. The mountain summits were unremarkable. The highlight of this hike was letting the dogs swim in the pond. If you start at Becket Rd, there are no road crossings. We saw 4 other people on the hike, including a section hike.

Parking area on Becket Road.

Sign for Becket Mountain

Trail register on Becket Mountain

Just before you reach the pond, the AT crosses Finerty Trail. Continue straight on the AT.

Two happy dogs.

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  1. Best of luck to you and your sweet companions (which one took your photo??). I'm married to a Walling and knew about Walling Mt. in MA; we wave to it as we drive under the AT bridge on the MA Pike. I may add it to my list of places to hike.
    Safe travels to you and the pups!