Sunday, April 7, 2013

Round Mountain, Mount Frissell, CT State High Point

April 6, 2013

Distance: 2.4 miles
Time: 2:45 hours

Year to date miles: 29.3

Map: South Taconic Trails

Parking: East Street, in MA, at the MA/CT border. Note that East Street/Mt. Washington Road was closed (sign said until spring) right past the parking area. East Street is a dirt road. The parking area is passed the signs for the Nature Conservancy. There were 3 small parking areas off of the road. Maybe room for 15 cars are so.
Restrooms: None
Post Hike Dinner: Not in that area. There are good restaurants if you drive north to Great Barrington.

Notes: This hike is short but strenuous. I wouldn't recommend it in the winter due to the steep sections. There was hard crusty icy snow on the ground, but luckily most of the steep areas had little enough snow that we could avoid it. There is rock scrambling. The dogs found this hike a piece of cake of course. The views on this hike were superb. I would love to go in the fall. Round Mountain is in CT - we couldn't find a summit marker, but there are 2 cairns, one of which must be for the summit. Mt. Frissell is in MA - the summit is marked by a sign and has a register. Past Mt. Frissell is CT's high point - there is a pin in the ground to mark it, and a register.

This is the last of the 3 parking areas. You can see a concrete barrier across the road.

Walk back along the road the way you drove in, and you'll see a sign marking the MA/CT border. The trailhead is on the opposite side of the road, where there is another small parking area.

Trailhead. The hike starts out very level at first.

And then the steep climbing begins.

View of Bear Mountain behind us

Round Mountain summit

Trek & Moxie, Round Mountain summit

Looking back - I think that is Round Mountain in the foreground.

Register at the summit.

Mt Frissell summit doesn't have any views itself, but there are fabulous views between it and the CT state high point.
Between Mt Frissell and CT high point.
This area overlooks many mountains.

Pin at CT state high point

Trek and Moxie, high point photo. There is a register at the high point.
We read entries from people from other parts of the country who were highpointing.

Taking a rest. Cool, but a beautiful day.

Driving on East Road, we saw 4 turkeys (behind the No hunting sign) on the way out.

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