Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yokun Ridge North Attempt, Lenox, MA

December 30, 2012
Distance: 0.6 miles (intended route was 3.2 miles)
Time: 25 minutes
Map: Yokun Ridge North Guide
Parking: Parking lot on Lenox Road, room for around 6 cars.
Restrooms: None
Post hike dinner: n/a

Directions: Yokun Ridge North Guide
Nice view from the parking lot. Burbank Trail starts across the street from the parking lot. We gave up on this hike early on. It was 20 degrees out with 20 mph winds, and snow whipping into our faces. We wore snowshoes, and early on started having to break trail. If it had been less windy, we would have completed the hike.

This hike can be extended by adding on 1.6 miles from Yokun Ridge South Guide,

Year to date miles 399.3

Sign for parking lot.
View from parking lot
Bundled up
Intersection where trail for Monks Pond leaves to the right, Burbank trail goes straight. At this point, we had to start breaking trail.


  1. My dogs and I love winter hiking! So glad to find your blog. What are the packs you use on your dogs? I have a border collie (ish) pup, and I'm thinking a pack might slow him down a little bit, which would be a good thing on hikes!

  2. I use Ruffwear packs. You can find them here:
    They have 3 designs, and I've tried all 3 - each has its pros and cons, but they are very well made.
    We use them to have our dogs carry their own water, and also their dog waste.