Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Patapsco State Park, Woodstock area, Woodstock, MD

October 21, 2012
Distance: 8.2 miles
Time: 3 hours 57 minutes
Map: We couldn't find a good map online. This might cover the area:Patapsco Valley State Park
We ended up using EveryTrail (Iphone app) which had trails marked.

Parking: Limited parking area across the street from the Woodstock Inn, on Woodstock Road in Woodstock Maryland. Room for around 10 cars (this is also the parking lot for the Inn).
1415 Woodstock Rd. Woodstock, MD 21163 
Down by the railroad tracks - down the hill from the snowball stand
Parking is free. Room for around 10 cars.
People park their horses here too!

Restrooms: none
Post hike dinner: Great Sage Clarksville, MD

There were very few people in this section of the park. Most of the people we saw were mountain bikers. Equestrians also use this trail. The trail is mostly level, with some small hills.

Directions: From the parking area, cross the bridge over the Patapsco River. At the end of the bridge, turn left on paved road (authorized vehicles only) down to the trail. Turn left on the trail (head under the bridge). Follow yellow blazes. There are side trails - a map is really needed, as the trails can be a little confusing. At one point there is a loop, and we went clockwise around the loop, to form a lollipop, eventually backtracking for part of the trail.

The trail follows the Patapsco River for a short distance. It later goes behind some very large houses, and passes through a power cut. It wasn't particularly scenic, though the river and one of the meadows is nice.

Year to date miles: 330.2
Parking area. One of the horse parkings spots.
To get on the trail, cross the railroad tracks & bridge, and turn left
Last of the fall color.
Pretty meadow area
Remains of a fireplace we saw just off the trail
Patapsco River
Crossing the power cut

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