Friday, August 3, 2012

Buck Mountain, Adirondacks

July 22, 2012
Distance: 6.5 miles
Time: 4 hours 59 minutes
Map: ADK Trail Map of Adirondack Eastern Region
Parking: Parking lot off road.
Restrooms: n/a
Pre hike breakfast: n/a
Post hike dinner: n/a
Directions: 50 Hikes in the Adirondacks
This is an out and back hike. Follow the yellow blazes.

This was a crowded trail.
There were few brook crossings at the beginning of the trail.
We stopped to take advantage of each one - letting the dogs drink.
At some point you leave the brooks, and then there is no water.
It was a hot day - we carried 8 liters of water (plus a water filter which we didn't need) for 2 people & 2 dogs.
This hike has 2,000 feet elevation gain, but it felt moderate. The difficulty was the heat.
Year to date miles: 266.2

Not much water...
Another water break. Nothing deep enough to submerge the dogs in.
Gaining elevation.
Hot Trek
There is a nice spot before the summit with a view behind you. It is not the summit yet.
Continue into the woods.
Summit marker
Wait....we found a second summit marker! Did someone make a mistake?
Feeling good to let my feet breathe. We searched around and found a spot on the summit where we could have
both a view & sit in the shade. View of Lake George.
The third summit marker we found!


  1. Quick question. How many miles do you average each week? I'm a bit of a weekend warrior, and am hoping to hit 500 miles by the end of hiking season. We started the last weekend in March.

  2. After reading several AT biographies, we were curious about how much we hike every year. So, last year we started keeping track. After seeing what we did on average, we aimed for 300 miles for the year, but ended up doing 400. This year we are behind due to various reasons, and will be lucky if we get in 400 miles. We hike year round, so we try to do 30-35 miles a month. Some months are easier than others. 2 winters ago we had a mild winter with very little snow. This year, we had more snow. We hike in the winter, but not when the roads are bad. Summer is the hardest. We hike with our dogs, so when the temperature is above 85 degrees, we typically don't hike - because I worry about my dogs getting heatstroke. Last year we pretty much only hiked on weekends - probably 5-6 days a month. This year we are behind, so we started doing short after work hikes when it was light enough & the weather agreed.