Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welch Dickey Loop, White Mountains

July 7, 2012
Distance: 4.2 miles
Time: 3 hours 44 minutes
Map: AMC White Mountains Trail Map Set
Parking: Large parking lot
Restrooms: Yes, in parking area
Pre hike breakfast: Local Grocer
Post hike dinner: n/a
Directions: AMC White Mountain Guide
Follow Welch Dicky Loop Trail. I believe we went clockwise.

I would avoid doing this hike if it is rainy.
There are ledges & steep inclines, which would be dangerous if the rocks were slippery.
This hike can be an issue if you have vertigo.
It goes over 2 mountains, and the views are amazing.
There are views over almost all of the trail, not just on the summits.
This is a very popular trail, though we mostly saw people just near the beginning of the trail.
We kept the dogs on leash during most of it, due to the fragile vegetation.

Hiking List: 52 with a View

Year to date miles: 251.7

Portion of the very large parking lot. Lots of cars when we arrived, close to empty when we left.
Logs and stones are set up to protect fragile vegetation on the rocks.
First overlook, not a summit yet.
More protected areas.
Glen in the background giving perspective.
Taking a break to cool down
Much of the trail is like this - steep granite rocks to run up.
Cairn in col between the summits
Entering the woods for a short period
So much work for whomever put in these stone steps

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