Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sylvan Glen, Yorktown Heights, NY

May 3, 2012
Distance: 2.7 miles
Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Map: none
Parking: Dirt parking lot at end of Morris Lane.
Restrooms: none
Post hike dinner: n/a
Directions: Sylvan Glen Nature Preserve
From parking lot take white trail.
Pass pond on right.
White side trail leaves to right, but continue on white trail to left.
Pass yellow trail twice on left.
Pass blue trail on left (gas pipeline).
Reach site of quarry operations.
White trail leaves to right.
Turn left on blue trail.
Pass quarries on right.
Red trail comes in from right & briefly joins blue trail.
Continue on blue trail when red trail leaves to right.
Pass green trail, continue on blue trail.
Turn left on blue trail at gas pipeline, and follow downhill.
Dead end at white trail and turn right.
Immediately turn right again on yellow trail.
Turn right on red trail.
Return to yellow trail and turn right onto yellow trail.
Yellow trail ends at white trail.
Turn right on white trail and return to parking lot.

NYNJTC lists no dogs allowed.
However, the Yorktown Walk Book  lists dogs allowed on leash.
We also saw a sign at the park saying to clean up after dogs, so we assume dogs are allowed.

Parking Lot
Trek on a polished granite slab from the quarry.
It isn't as dangerous as it sounds
Overlooking the quarry
There are many piles of huge rocks near the quarry.
Granite tunnel
Munitions building?
Trail at gas pipeline
Returning to parking lot

Year to date miles: 126.2

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