Thursday, May 31, 2012

East Ponds Loop, White Mountains

May 27, 2012
Distance: 5.5 miles
Time: 4 hours 3 minutes
Map: AMC White Mountains Trail Map Set
Parking: Dirt parking lot off Tripoli Rd
Restrooms: None
Pre hike breakfast: Local Grocer - they don't open until 9am
Post hike dinner: Shalimar
Directions: AMC White Mountain Guide

This is a loop hike. We walked around the larger of the two ponds. A great place for dog swimming - with an incredible view of mountains rising above the  pond. There were many bugs, and all of us got bitten up, including the dogs - who had bug bites wherever they had no fur.

The trail was flooded by the smaller pond - we had to bushwhack to the left of the flooded trail a short ways to get past the flooded area. We never did get to the shore of the smaller pond.
This hike is easy/moderate.
It has some tricky stream crossings which might be difficult if the water was high.
This hike had a lot of dogs on it.

I found 2 booties in our van - which I put on Trek - unfortunately they didn't stay on long.
The terrain on this hike wasn't difficult. Many parts of the trail were just dirt trails.
Dogs were onleash a lot - due to the other dogs we met, plus to limit their running around - because they had sore feet at this point
The larger of the two lakes. There is a sandy beach area as well - but we hiked off to the side.
This purple flowered bush we found next to the pond was attracting a lot of butterflies.
We saw frogs and large tadpoles in the pond
Plant or frog eggs?
We never saw a moose on our trip. But, guessing this is moose poop. Next best thing. Not.
Back at the parking lot.

Year to date miles: 175.1

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