Saturday, March 31, 2012

Turkey Mountain, NY

January 22, 2012
Distance: 2 miles
Time: 1 hour
Map: none
Parking: Parking lot in park
Restrooms: none
Post hike dinner: n/a
Directions: Turkey Mountain Nature Preserve
This is a loop which can be done clockwise or counter clockwise:
Blue trail up to summit, white trail down
White trail up to summit, blue trail down

This park doesn't allow dogs, but we regularly see dogs there.
This is a short hike that can be done after work.
The whole hike is pretty. There are resevoir, mountain, farm, NYC views from the summit.
Because of its location and distance, this is a popular place to hike.
We prefer to hike it close to sunset - to capture the sunset at the summit.
No map needed. It is very clearly marked (too many blazes in my opinion), and at points, the trail is even outlined in fallen logs (which doesn't look very natural, but I assume is intended to prevent trail overuse/erosion).

Too overcast for any good views

Year to date miles: 26

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